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Web Scraping Tools

    • Faster Collection

      Increase the speed of data collection efforts.

      Many third party IP masking solutions can slow your collection efforts or even impede them. With Ion, you have the unique ability to collect information faster by running a high volume of concurrent requests, each coming from a different IP address. In many instances, the actual speed of collection is faster through our servers than a direct request to the target site through your ISP.

    • Intelligent IP Rotation

      Unparalleled technology allows the freedom you need.

      The Ion patented IP rotation technology leverages our tens of thousands of non-attributable IP addresses, meaning you enjoy the anonymity needed to keep your target in the dark and yield quick results that enable accurate, data-based business decisions.

    • HTTP & HTTPS Traffic

      Encrypted sites? No problem.

      Ion is capable of masking identity regardless of whether or not the target sites are encrypted.

    • Complete Anonymity

      Dive deep with confidence.

      Ion does not store the data you send or collect. We also don’t forward any identifying information to target websites you visit. Complete anonymity is carried throughout your entire session.

    • 24/7 Technical Support

      Have peace of mind knowing we are here to help.

      If at any point you need assistance, Ion comes with the convenience of 24/7 technical support. Our staff has the ability to provide comprehensive assistance to keep you on track.

    • Seamless Integration

      Empower your web scraping tools with ease.

      Because Ion integrates with third party web scraping tools as well as homegrown scripts, there is no need for additional development. We partner with leading data harvesting software providers, such as Connotate and Kapow, so you can be up and running immediately.

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    When Should I Mask My IP Address?

    Whenever anonymity is necessary, Ion’s attribution control solution is the answer. Below are a few specific examples of where IP address control is useful. Looking for more real world examples? Check out our success stories to see Ion solutions in action.

    • Competitive Intelligence

      Mask your affiliation for accurate information on competitor websites


    • Investment Intelligence

      Keep your corporate investment research private and safe from leaks


    • Criminal or Fraud Investigation

      Avoid being misdirected to “innocent” content while collecting evidence


    • Keyword Ranking Verification

      Verify your keyword search result rankings


    • Pricing Research

      Gain unbiased price information for your market